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  • Kathryn McLeod
    Team Leader

  • Martin Shand
    Team Member

  • Jos van der Burg
    Team Member

  • Niall Morley
    Team Member

  • Chris McGuire
    Team Member

  • Mark Roos
    Team Member

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  • Pauline Laidlaw

  • Mike Walby

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Team Number: 259


Start TimeCheckpoint 1Checkpoint 2Checkpoint 3Checkpoint 4FinishAdjustments
Total Time:24:20:00
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Full Caledonian Challenge 2013 Results

I only popped out for a pint of Heineken! is also ranked in the Mixed category

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Individual Results

No.NameStartChkpt 1Chkpt 2Chkpt 3Chkpt 4FinishAdjustmentsStatus
256Kathryn McLeod08:00+02:52:00+08:15:00+13:22:00+17:16:00+22:19:0000:00:00Finished
260Martin Shand08:00+02:52:00+08:18:00+13:26:00+17:22:00+24:20:0000:00:00Finished
261Jos van der Burg08:00+02:52:00+08:08:00+13:22:00+17:17:00+22:14:0000:00:00Finished
258Niall Morley08:00+02:52:00+08:18:00+13:22:00+17:22:00+24:20:0000:00:00Finished
257Chris McGuire08:00+02:55:00+08:06:00+13:22:00+17:17:00+22:19:0000:00:00Finished
259Mark Roos08:00+02:55:00+08:15:00+13:22:00+17:17:00+22:19:0000:00:00Finished
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Trailblazer Leagues

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Event Date: 12th - 13th June 2010