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  • Magnus Llewellin
    Team Leader

  • Ian Marland
    Team Member

  • John Bynorth
    Team Member

  • Thomas Hawkins
    Team Member

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  • Rob Haining

  • James Lland

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Team Name: Hark The Herald

We journalists don't get out much so have decided to do our bit for Foundation Scotland. Please take pity on us and give generously.

Funds Raised So Far...

Money Raised £8137  Our Target £1600
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Donations Received - Thanks!

Donor Name Donation Date Message
Gannett Foundation £5000 09/06/2015  
Herald and Times Staff Benevolent Fund £500 15/05/2015 Good Luck from all your colleagues!
Iain MCR £250 15/05/2015 Payment on evidence of blood, sweat & tears. All inevitable but painless given a hugely worthwhile cause.
John McGuire £250 12/05/2015 I'm very impressed Magnus. Good luck but remember your age!!
Carlo Perrotta Consul General of Italy £200 14/05/2015 To Magnus and the Team: I will be supporting you from my sofa!
David Griffiths £100 14/05/2015 Don't get tempted into the Kings House bar halfway!
The BIG Partnership £100 12/05/2015 Good luck from Neil, Alex and all the BIG team. You'll need it!
Ben Thomson £100 11/05/2015 Good luck
tim blott £100 07/05/2015 good luck
John Penman £54 12/06/2015 Good luck Magnus. Watch out for the midgies
Derek £54 12/06/2015 Best of luck ... it's only 100,000 or so steps
Campbell Deane £54 22/05/2015 Good luck
Spreng & Co. £54 18/05/2015 Best of luck from everybody at Spreng & Co.
Liddell Thomson £54 18/05/2015 Best of luck from everybody at Liddell Thomson
Eyes Optometry £54 15/05/2015 Good luck and well done to all of you
Frank O'Donnell £54 14/05/2015 Can't be worse than the falcon hospital.
Kevin McKenna £54 11/05/2015 If you can beat my own personal best of half a day ill make it up to 75
Helen Lennox £54 11/05/2015 May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. good luck.
Brooklands Hawkeyes £54 09/05/2015 Good luck to Thomas and the team from mum and dad Hawkins
Anonymous £50 13/05/2015  
Wendy and Walter Bynorth £40 10/06/2015 Good luck John and the team!
Barbie Dutter £30 04/06/2015 Good luck from down under x
Peter Johnson £30 27/05/2015 Good luck all and enjoy the scenery!!
Kevin Pringle £30 13/05/2015 Good luck, if you move fast you might outpace the midges!
All the best Mad Men £30 12/05/2015 All the best Mad Men
Ralph and Kirsty £30 11/05/2015 Remember to let your mum know where you are going
Richard Neville £25 12/05/2015 Watch out for the chafing. . .
Tom Thomson £25 07/05/2015 Good luck to a brave team.
Kevin Ebbutt £24 11/06/2015 Top effort Mr Marland and team. Good luck. Kevin Ebbutt
Barclay McBain £24 11/06/2015 You are all mad.
Jane, Tom and Ellen £24 03/06/2015 You'd better not injure yourself for our holiday!
Stephen Breslin £24 19/05/2015 Good luck!
Rebecca McQuillan £24 12/05/2015 Don't forget your blister plasters
Stephen McCranor £24 12/05/2015 Orra best.
....have sympathy for these poor devils £24 11/05/2015 Ha! You guys are nuts doing this! The midges alone !
Colin Edgar £24 11/05/2015  
Jojo & Joy £20 12/06/2015 Good luck Mag and team, you are all mad!
Michael Chadwick and Alison Ryrie £20 12/06/2015 Good luck to Tommy Hawkins and the rest of the Hark the Herald team. Michael
Trisha McLaughlan £20 11/06/2015 Good luck John and all the team!
Becky Taylor £20 11/06/2015 I'm sure it will be a day to remember - good luck
Sue and Paul Chilton £20 06/06/2015 Good luck Mr. Marland and to the rest of the team
Clarkes £20 05/06/2015 Good luck Magnus and team.
Howard Llewellin £20 05/06/2015 For someone approaching your doing well bro.
Liz McGill £20 30/05/2015 Good luck Ian! From Liz and Eddie
Pip Llewellin £20 22/05/2015 You're mad the lot of you! Seriously though, very jealous wish I could join. Very best of luck and have a great time.
Donald & Claire £20 21/05/2015 Good Luck Magnus & Team!
Elisabeth Duncan £20 20/05/2015  
Seonag MacKinnon £20 12/05/2015 Some distance. Respect! Good luck to all.
Henry FW £20 12/05/2015 Good luck team Herald!
Good luck to the team from Ally McLaws £20 11/05/2015 Well done Magnus and good luck to the team.
Sam Boyd £20 07/05/2015 Good luck! Remember the jelly babies x
Carolyn Churchill £20 07/05/2015 Good luck you brave, brave men!
Anonymous £20 07/05/2015  
Daisy Dasha Bynorth £10 12/06/2015 Go Daddy, Go!!
Daisy Dasha Bynorth £10 12/06/2015 Go Daddy, Go!!
Hazel Smyth £10 11/06/2015 Good luck John an all
Lucy, Jay, Maisie, Brodie and Lexi £10 04/06/2015 Good luck Magnus (and team), just keep walking and come and visit us!
David Ross £10 21/05/2015 All the best, Dave Ross
Greig Russell £10 15/05/2015 Enjoy the challenge Tommy!
M-C £10 13/05/2015 Enjoy the walk and focus on the beautiful scenery not your feet!
Robert McNeil £10 12/05/2015 Run like a nose, my brothers.
Douglas Cross £10 12/05/2015 Make sure to wear the 'Killer Boots man'
Raymond Boyle £10 11/05/2015 Good luck Magnus and the team
Andrea Mills £10 07/05/2015 Good Luck and great cause.
Janice Bell £10 07/05/2015 Good luck guys. That would take me a week!!
Morag Munro £10 07/05/2015 Good luck
Stephen Naysmith £10 07/05/2015 Always good to be able to tell your bosses to take a hike!
Andy Denholm £10 07/05/2015 don't peak too soon
Margaret Morrison £10 07/05/2015 Good luck guys
Davie Boyle £10 30/04/2015 Good luck guys. Jealous that I can't join you.
colin £5 12/06/2015 break a leg

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