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  • Biagio Curci
    Team Leader

  • Domenico Esposito
    Team Member

  • Jean-Christophe Lega
    Team Member

  • Dae Levy
    Team Member

  • Julien Moulin
    Team Member

  • Raphael Chantelot
    Team Member

Support Crew

  • Shuhui Lim

  • Aline Conus

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Funds Raised So Far

Target £3500   Balance £3610   Outstanding £-110
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Fundraising Summary

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Donations Received

Donor Name Donation Date Message
Pernod Ricard Travel Retail Europe £1500 23/05/2011  
Lefèvre Pelletier & associés (LPA) £250 30/05/2011  
Audoin Besse de Laromiguiere £100 22/05/2011 All the best to the team. We want pictures when you are back!
Calum. £100 08/05/2011 Dai, your body will never forgive you. good luck.
Michael Huttner £100 14/04/2011 Good luck!
Duncan £100 13/04/2011 Wish I was there!
Michou £100 12/04/2011 Go for it JC....
1595056 £100 12/04/2011 Bonne chance Julien! Tu es courageux!
Alex Lega £100 08/04/2011 Hope you'll have a great time guys, happy to sponsor your beer intake for the event ;)
Peter £100 07/04/2011 Hi, good luck. I did it 5 years ago and enjoyed every minute of it....(not). Peter
Nigel & Judy £100 07/04/2011 Have a great time to remember ! And it's for charity - our congrat's !! Nigel & Judy
Dix £75 30/05/2011 Valiant effort Julien, very impressive... Best of luck, doubtless you will need it!
Jen £50 07/06/2011 All the best Coach!
Lilly & Onno £50 03/06/2011 All the best!
H £50 26/04/2011 Less pies, bigger thighs!
Vika Chernykh £50 24/04/2011 Well guys, being a promoter of a healthy lifestyle myself, I am only donating you this sum on condition that you burn more calories, than you then consume in a pub in the process or afterwards! And remeber to throw out a party on return! Vika
Anonymous £50 22/04/2011  
Alok £50 14/04/2011 I'm a munro bagger. You're either all mad or very big cojones, boys. Whichever - bon chance!!
Ivor O'Connell £50 13/04/2011 Enjoy the scenery
Richard West £50 12/04/2011 Good luck Julien - The Auld Alliance strikes again
Eugenia £50 12/04/2011 Good luck to you all! Enjoy :)
Zoki Kuzmancevic £50 06/04/2011 Good luck guys! Xxxx
Guy Akouvi £45 31/05/2011 Bon courage and Good luck
Jay £30 26/05/2011 Shake that Coochie all the way to the finish line!
Laurie Armfield £30 19/05/2011 Go Badger - I'll be with you every step of the way (truly!).
stefano £30 19/04/2011 good luck
Graham Cowe £20 01/06/2011 Biagio - getting married and this? You are a glutton for punishment! Best of luck!!
Simon Costello £20 19/05/2011 Best of luck Biagio !!
Simon Robinson £20 19/05/2011 Always worth sponsoring someone rather than doing it myself...
Peter and Tracy £20 16/05/2011 Julien and gang, very best of luck, and hope the weather is friendly!
Ed Bassett £20 06/05/2011 Good luck!
Omar Azami £20 18/04/2011 Good luck all, should be a stroll in the park for Dae!!!
Jason & Emmanuelle £20 08/04/2011 Good luck - better get training !!
EK £10 13/04/2011 Allez les verts!
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