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  • Richard Morrison
    Team Leader

  • Andrew Sutcliffe
    Team Member

  • James Leven
    Team Member

  • Michael Morrison
    Team Member

  • Douglas Mason
    Team Member

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Funds Raised So Far

Target £2500   Balance £229   Outstanding £2271
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Fundraising Summary

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Donations Received

Donor Name Donation Date Message
Big Wullie (Daddy) £54 11/04/2012 £1.00 per mile -
Nicki D £40 10/04/2012 You can do it Dougie!
Jono Ellis £30 20/03/2012 Good luck Mike - I hope that it's the best walk of your life!
Duck £25 07/04/2012 Come back with less skanky feet doogie - good luck team take lots of pics :D positive vibes
Kirstin Morrison £25 24/03/2012 Yay - go team Blue Sky!! Good luck gentlemen
James Easton £25 21/03/2012 Enjoy your stroll Mr Giraffe
Sheila & Bob £20 18/04/2012  
Omid £10 12/04/2012  
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