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  • Jo Caughey
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  • Jennifer Warwick
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  • Alex Beattie
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  • Helen Rawlinson
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  • Craig Kemp
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  • Grant Rawlinson

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Target £5000   Balance £1180   Outstanding £3820
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Donations Received

Donor Name Donation Date Message
Dad £200 18/03/2012 After two marathons this is not that far and you can walk most of the way!
Mum and Dad Kemp £150 26/04/2012 Go for it! Good luck
Jennifer Warwick £100 25/04/2012 Jennifer Warwick
Bank of Mum and Dad Beattie £100 07/03/2012 No pain, no gain. This is for the training bit.
Mum and dad Caughey £50 03/05/2012 Go Jojo!! Hope the blisters stay away! from mum and dad Caughey
Naomi Lisney £50 26/04/2012 Go team!! xx
Normski £50 18/04/2012 Grand National Winnings!
Frances £50 26/03/2012 Enjoy every step
Sara and Jimmy £50 12/03/2012  
Elly £50 07/03/2012 Good luck!! walk fast in your soccer mums! xxx
Anonymous £45 05/03/2012 Good luck Jum xxx
Kate Lyon £30 02/05/2012 Enjoy every step. Good Luck!
Ali Dallas £25 07/03/2012 Good luck guys!!
Susan & Richard £20 01/05/2012 Good luck Jo, Craig & all you crazy people!
Laura Janssen £20 30/04/2012 You guys are mental!
Jules £20 26/04/2012 Good Luck to you all xx
Victoria £20 02/04/2012 Good luck guys! x
Vic Miller £20 27/03/2012 You are all crazy...but in a good way of course! Good luck boys and girls and watch out for the midges!!
The evanses £20 10/03/2012 Love to hear about other people doing strenuous things!
Louisa £20 07/03/2012 Top tip: eat a Mars bar every mile and don't step on any cracks
Easter Treat £16 05/04/2012 Easter treats
Louise and Dennis £15 26/04/2012 How many miles...? You crazy fools, good luck!
Eli £10 02/05/2012 Lots of luck!
Gemma Tilley £10 26/04/2012 Good Luck Jo and Craig- hope your legs hold up ok!
Evs £10 08/03/2012 Buona fortuna intrepido avventuriero
Elsie £10 07/03/2012 Good're going to need it!
Emma Wright £10 07/03/2012 Hi Jo, Good Luck! Em xxxx
Cake maker £9 09/03/2012 CAKES!!!
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