OUR commitments to You

Focus on Health and Safety

As the promoters and organisers of the Caledonian Challenge, SCF (Events) Ltd acknowledges its duty of care to the participants, volunteers, contractors, consultants and employees involved in the event. We deem their health, safety and welfare to be of paramount importance and will use our best endeavours to reduce all associated risks to reasonable levels.

Financial Accountability

The primary purpose of the Caledonian Challenge is to raise funds to support the important work of the Scottish Community Foundation, a registered Scottish charity.

The Caledonian Challenge has consistently met the fundraising policies set by the Foundation's Trustees. Furthermore it has improved over time and conitnues to do so.

All forms of fundraising involve a cost. The charity sector measures the financial performance of fundraising activities in terms of cost-effectiveness (i.e. the relative amount raised for each pound spent). The cost-effectiveness of fundraising events of this nature varies from event to event and from year to year. The generally accepted standard for an event of this kind is between 200% and 400%.

We are striving for, and are currently on track to consistently achieve, a cost-effectiveness in the upper half of this range by 2011.

100% of all funds donated to the Scottish Community Foundation go directly to support its work strengthening communities close to the Caledonian Challenge course and throughout Scotland.

The Scottish Community Foundation invests in the Caledonian Challenge through a management fee paid to its wholly owned trading subsidiary, SCF Events Ltd, a registered Scottish company.

The management fee forms the balance of the event's organisational costs not met from Participants' entry fees, corporate sponsorship and other sources of funding.

Thanks to the participation of the event's many participants, the generosity of their supporters and the enlightened backing by company sponsors, the management fee is kept to a minimum. As a result, the charity's actual return on the funds it invests in the event is significantly higher than the cost-effectiveness ratios quoted above.

The financial performance of the Foundation's events portfolio is reported in the charity's consolidated annual report & accounts.

SCF (Events) Ltd is managed as a not-for-profit company. As a recently formed company, it will generate a modest surplus for the next few years in order to gradually build a reasonable level of operating reserves. The company is wholly owned by the Foundation and no Director receives a share in the profits. The company's annual report & accounts are available from Companies House.

Environmental Sustainability

The Caledonian Challenge offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the most spectacular views of Scottish highlands. We acknowledge our responsibility to contribute to the conservation of this distinctive and beautiful landscape.

We manage the event to enable many people who may not have visited the area before to enjoy its stunning views by providing a structured framework which helps minimise their impact. We follow the Scottish Countryside Outdoor Access Code and issue a copy to our Participants.

The event follows the West Highland Way, and the Great Glen Ways, two national long-distance footpaths which have been developed and are managed to support large numbers of walkers. We liaise with the local management groups and where appropriate make a contribution to the maintenance and the development of these footpaths.

Community Relations

The aim of the Caledonian Challenge is to strengthen communitiy life. We therefore acknowledge our responsibility to be a good neighbour in the communities in which the event operates.

We contribute to local communities in a number of ways. Firstly we contribute to the local economy. On average, the event generates over 2,500 stays overnight in the Fort William area.

Secondly, we ask local community groups to volunteer at the event. In retrun we make a donation for the time given.

Finally, we also contribute to the local voluntary sector through the funds raised from the event. These funds have enabled the Scottish Community Foundation to award grants to locally based voluntary groups and charities. Between 2006 and 2008 we have distributed 191 grants, totalling £716,644 in the Highlands region.

The management of the event is informed by the Institute of Fundraising's Code of Good Practice for UK outdoor challenges and in 2009 SCF (Events) Ltd is applying to become a company member of the Institute.


We welcome adults of all ability on to the Caledonian Challenge. The event involves sustained physical effort in a remote and rugged environment. With regret, the unforgiving nature of the trail probably renders it unsuitable for wheelchair use. People with a disability are welcome to contact us to discuss their requirements.

Excellent Customer Service

We are grateful for the support of the Event's many Participants, Supporters, Sponsors, Volunteers, Partners and Suppliers. We endeavour to provide a friendly, professional, timely and responsive service and we welcome feedback on how we might develop what we do well further or improve things that could be better.

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