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03/04/09 Aberdeen Press & Journal
 "Up for a Challenge?"
Edinburgh Evening News "It's not a price hike"
16/03/09 STV 5.30 Show  AF Noble Scooby Doo Scramblers talk about their training for the RBS Caledonian Challenge 
21/02/09The Scotsman Magazine "Join The Scotsman Team on the 2009 RBS Caledonian Challenge"
20/02/09The Scotsman "Win a free place on the RBS Caledonian Challenge"
04/02/09Daily Record "Going craze-y in a bit to get fit"
17/01/09The Press & Journal "Talk for people keen to enter RBS Caledonian Challenge"
14/01/09Edinburgh Evening News "Talk held for Caledonian Challenge"
03/01/09The Daily Telegraph "Top 25 Races for 2009"
03/01/09The Scotsman "Take a Challenge in 2009"
27/12/08The Scotsman "Pandering to the Masses; charity sporting events have come a long way"
22/12/08Daily Record "Rise to a New Year Challenge"
30/08/08The Scotsman "Don't put the boot in, put in on"
30/08/08The Scotsman "Up and Coming Events"