The FAQ below are to help both walkers and support teams prepare for the event. Should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to email us at: [email protected]

1. What time can walkers start ?

There are three start times (0800, 1000 and 1200). Please indicate preferred start time when registering online. All members of the same team MUST start at the same time.

2. Where and when do we register?

Registration is 0900-2300 on Friday 21st June at the Nevis Centre in Fort William. Walkers will be given their team number, t-shirt, baseball cap and other goodies, and support teams will be given their car pass and a mug. Meal tickets for the three-course buffet at the Finish will also be handed out to walkers and a maximum of two support team members.

3. Is it possible to register on the day of the event?

All walkers are encouraged to register on Friday 21st June. The Nevis Centre will be open 0645-1200 on Saturday 22nd June for late registrations. Please register at the Nevis Centre in Fort William at least 45 minutes before allocated Start time.

4. Where and when is the Pasta Party?

The Pasta Party is at the Nevis Centre in Fort William from 1800-2300 on Friday 21st June. This is FREE for all walkers and a maximum of TWO support team members. Additional support team members will be charged 7 per person.

5. Can we just turn up to the Pasta Party?

No. We need to know numbers for catering reasons.

6. What happens if someone drops-out before the day?

Let us know as soon as possible. Unfortunately the registration fee is non-refundable.

7. Is it possible to swap team members?

Yes. This will only be possible during Registration as we do not have the facility to handle this type of query prior to the event, so let us know while registering.

8. Is it possible to turn up and register on the day?


9. When and where are the safety briefings?

There are two safety briefings at 1900 and 2100 at the Nevis Centre on Friday 21st June during registration and the Pasta Party. Additional safety briefings will be held 15 minutes prior to each Start time at the 'start line'. It is compulsory for all walkers to attend a safety briefing.

10. What should walkers do on the day?

Please arrive at the Start at the Braveheart Car Park at least 30 minutes before allocated start time. Walkers must remember team numbers (issued at Registration) as it is not possible to take part without them.

11. Can our support team stay to watch the team start?

Yes. Please drop walkers off at the start and continue driving round the one-way system, to the parking area. Once the official start is over please move away from the start area.

12. Where do we park at the Start and Check Points?

Each support vehicle will be issued with a Car Pass at Registration. This is colour coded according to walkers' start time. Please park as guided by our marshals. Please note that support vehicles will be turned away at check points by marshals if support teams arrive ahead of their designated time.

13. Which route does a walker take?

All walkers will be issued with a detailed map of the West Highland Way in their registration pack, which clearly indicates the gradients, water stops and checkpoints. All walkers must follow the West Highland Way track, which is clearly marked. Walkers will be disqualified for taking roads.

14. Where is the Finish?

The Finish is on the banks of Loch Lomond. Walkers will be ferried across the loch to rejoin support teams for the Feast, massage, prize-giving.

15. Can a support vehicle meet walkers at the water stops?

No. For safety reasons, under NO circumstances are any support vehicles allowed to stop at any of the water stops. Support teams will have plenty of time to catch up with walkers at the official checkpoints located approx. every 10 miles.

16. Does a walker have to check-in and out of each checkpoint?

Yes. For safety reasons, all walkers MUST check-in and out of each check point.

17. What time should the support teams expect walkers to arrive at each checkpoint?

Checkpoint 1
Walkers will start arriving at:
(start: 08.00am) 12.00pm
(start: 10.00am) 2.00pm
(start: 12.00pm) 4.00pm

Checkpoint 2
Walkers will start arriving at:
(start: 08.00am) 3.30pm
(start: 10.00am) 5.30pm
(start: 12.00pm) 7.30pm

Checkpoint 3
Walkers will start arriving at:
(start: 08.00am) 7.00pm
(start: 10.00am) 9.00pm
(start: 12.00pm) 11.00pm

Checkpoint 4
Walkers will start arriving at:
(start: 08.00am) 10.30pm
(start: 10.00am) 12.30am
(start: 12.00pm) 02.30am

Walkers will start arriving at:
(start: 08.00am) 03.00am
(start: 10.00am) 05.00am
(start: 12.00pm) 07.00am

18. . How does a support team find checkpoints

All support teams must be equipped with a good road map, follow check point signs and directions given in the Route information. Drive with caution, due care and attention; watch speeds and remember to keep an eye on fuel. There will be areas where walkers cross the roads in front so please BE AWARE

19. What should support teams do on arrival at each check point?

Park as guided, prepare for the walkers (food, dry clothes etc) and familiarise themselves with the location of the check-in and check-out posts, loos and changing facilities.

Should support teams arrive before their allocated time, they will be turned away and asked to return later to avoid over-crowding.

20. What advice is there for support teams?

Support Teams will be on the road for 13 - 30 hours depending on their team's speed so PLEASE make sure they take it in turns to sleep or drive.

21. What is there in the way of food for the support teams en route?

Support teams can either eat with their walkers or purchase light snacks en-route. Tea, coffee, fruit and soup available at check points is reserved for walkers only.

Start: Macrae snack bar will be on hand to serve bacon rolls, tea and coffee.

Checkpoint 1: The Macdonald Hotel serves light snacks/bar food 1200-2100.

Checkpoint 2: The King's House Hotel, on the left before the Glen Coe Ski Centre, serves hot and cold food. Please note the Glen Coe Ski Centre will be closed.

Checkpoint 3: Inveroran hotel is open for tea from 17.30, evening meals 1800-0200, snacks until 0200 and has a license until 0300! The Bridge of Orchy Hotel, after checkpoint 3 serves hot and cold food.

Checkpoint 4: Rena Baillie's snack shop will be open.

Finish: A rolling three-course buffet and plenty of drink is FREE for all walkers and a maximum of TWO support team members. Additional support team members will be charged 10 per person for the meal.

22. Who provides the walkers with 'Tender Loving Care'?

Support teams are responsible for meals, goodies and providing walkers with dry clothes and kit. In addition, the Army, Scouts, Navy, St. Andrew's Ambulance and other volunteers will be at each check point.

23. What sleeping arrangements should walkers or support teams make?

All walkers and support teams need to make their own accommodation arrangements for Friday night. It is advisable to book early as Fort William is extremely busy during June.

During the event, walkers shouldn't need to book accommodation as they will be walking through the night.

Support teams could book into a local hotel or guest house at their own expense. Accommodation is listed under 'Info Pack, Walkers, Useful Contact Details' or visit: or

We recommend walkers and support teams bring sleeping bags, tents and an alarm clock.

24. Can walkers and support teams get to Fort William by train ?

Yes. However please note it is VITAL each team has a support vehicle. For information on mainline train service visit Links .

25. Does a support team need a car?

Yes. Only ONE car per team is allowed. We recommend a people carrier or minibus for larger teams, and two drivers per support team.

Arnold Clark operates Scotland's largest rental fleet and is offering Challenge participants an exclusive discount on their low cost rental rates. Complementary collection & delivery is available from all main Scottish railway stations and airports. Call 0845 602 1895 or visit, quoting Caledonian Challenge.

26. Can walkers or support teams bring dogs?

Yes, all dogs are welcome and we even have a trophy for the 'Fastest Team with a Dog'!

27. What should we do in the case of an emergency?

28. What can we do if we want to help but don't want to walk?

1. Offer to be a volunteer marshal
2. Offer to be part of a support team. A driving licence is required.
3. Donate product or prizes in kind
4. Make a cash donation instead

29. How much money do walkers need to fundraise?

Each walker is asked to raise a minimum of 500 per head, i.e. 2,000 per team.