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  • Andrew Whitfield
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  • David Campbell
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  • Paul Boyle
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  • Julie Heron
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  • Debbie Kearney
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  • Jennifer Whitfield
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  • Carla Mack

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Team Number: 738


Start TimeCheckpoint 1Checkpoint 2Checkpoint 3Checkpoint 4FinishAdjustments
Total Time:27:33:52
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Full Caledonian Challenge 2012 Results

Smith and Williamson Investment Management - Team 2 is also ranked in the Mixed category

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Individual Results

No.NameStartChkpt 1Chkpt 2Chkpt 3Chkpt 4FinishAdjustmentsStatus
738AAndrew Whitfield07:00+03:05:23+08:43:08+14:32:39+19:01:22+retired00:00:00Retired
738CDavid Campbell07:00+03:05:25+08:33:50+14:30:36+retired+retired00:00:00Retired
738EPaul Boyle07:00+03:05:43+08:34:10+13:49:34+17:42:5500:00:00Checkpoint 4
738DJulie Heron07:00+03:05:41+09:11:24+15:18:34+19:35:20+27:33:5200:00:00Finished
738BDebbie Kearney07:00+03:08:29+09:11:31+15:43:56+retired+retired00:00:00Retired
738FJennifer Whitfield07:00+03:05:29+09:11:33+15:43:53+retired+retired00:00:00Retired
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Trailblazer Leagues

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Event Date: 12th - 13th June 2010