Dear Marshal,

The State Street Caledonian Challenge Marshals' Brief

You have very kindly agreed to help marshal at our great event. It is an extremely important job.

Now you have committed, please let us know immediately if there is any reason or problems which might later mean you won�t be able to make it on the day. We have a huge problem from year to year making sure those that originally said they�d help, actually turn up. It is important that the organisers can trust and rely on the marshals.

Perhaps you might like further details or don�t understand something in the brief. It is better to contact us now and ask, than leave room for an error to occur during the event. Due to the nature of the event and the length in distance and time, the organisers will be extremely busy whilst the event is in motion, we do hope to have Chief Marshals at each check point with enough common sense to make the right decisions, but saying this we might not have time to handle your specific query if you leave it until the day -to be safe, ask NOW. Please, however small or silly you think the question is - being a marshal is a huge responsibility as the walker�s + support teams welfare and safety is in your hands.

By completing an expense form, your travel within reason will be covered.

You are also asked to complete the questionnaire giving your thoughts at an early time AFTER the event. It is simple, but hopefully to the point and we are happy to see other thoughts provided, not covered by specific questions.

Many thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the day.


Marshals should be prepared to do the following:-


All of these should be in a small rucksack or kitbag.

You will be given meals which will be either a packed lunch or dinner. These will contain a sandwich, piece of fruit and a bar of chocolate. Should you require more, please don�t hesitate to bring your own. Other suggestions include bringing vacuum flasks or thermoses with hot water for making tea, coffee, hot chocolate and nutritious soup; and goody bags of sweets for instant energy. However hot water will be available at the checkpoints.

Top tips for Marshals

You will be standing around for some considerable time. Bring plenty of warm socks, a good pair of walking boots, wellies and trainers.

Drink and Hydration
Most checkpoints have a mains water supply, but do bring your own container. The army will also be supplying fruit, but this is for the walkers only. If you are a fruit lover, please bring your own.


Please arrive at your checkpoint at the times specified by your Chief Marshal. These times have been set with the assumption that you will need at least 1 - 2 hours to familiarise yourself with the checkpoint facilities, as well as meet your fellow Marshals and Chief Marshal. It also includes some free time in case you get lost on the way. Please report for duty to the Chief Marshal upon arriving at your checkpoint.

Please take note that your help is much appreciated as we have quite an operation to organise with around 1500 walkers and a further 750 plus people in support teams. This is Scotland's biggest outdoor fundraising event and we hope to raise many thousands of pounds. Your help is just as necessary as the walkers taking part; it is their safety you will be in charge of, so it is vital that you pay attention to the instructions you are given now and on the day. If you are asked to get some sleep, please try and do this, as without alert Marshals an accident will be in the making.

It is also vital that the Marshals despite not infrequently trying circumstances retain a high degree of humour and competence. However tired, try to keep up morale not just for the walkers and their support teams but for the other marshals too and a smile is better than nothing. Remember it isn�t you that is necessarily going through a pain barrier. Tiredness is rife, emotions run high, tempers are short - keep clean, be smart, and above all be ALERT.

The Pasta Party is on Friday night and all Marshals are welcome. Tickets will be issued at the Registration desk. Please inform us if you are going to attend. The event will start at 7pm and finish at 11pm. There will be a safety briefing for walkers between 9-9.30pm