These Questions and answers set out below are to help both walkers and support teams prepare for the event. They are not in any particular order but if anyone thinks of other suitable questions, please do not hesitate to forward them to us by email.

1. What time can walkers start ?

There are three start times (8am, 10am and 12 noon). When registering online indicate which one you prefer. All members of the same team must start at that time.

2. On the day what do walkers need to do ?

Arrive at the Nevis Centre, Fort William at least 1hour before your designated start time [Please be prompt!]. Register for an event number upon arrival. You will also be given a map, a polo-shirt, a cap and for your support team a car pass and a mug. After you have done this, make your way to the official 'Start Line' in Glen Nevis forestry track. You need to be there without fail, 15 minutes before your start time, for the compulsory safety briefing.

The Car Pass will be colour coded to your start time and you and your support team should note that marshals at each checkpoint will turn them away if they try to arrive ahead of their designated times. This is a safety procedure and support teams are asked to adhere to our request.

3. What happens if someone drops-out after registering online ?

Unfortunately, the registration fee is non-refundable. SWAPPING of team members, if one has to drop out (for whatever reason) CAN be arranged but PLEASE arrive early enough to do this ON THE DAY. We do not have the facility to handle this type of query prior to the event, instead give the full details to our registration staff when you are obtaining your event number. NOTE:- this year it is not possible to turn up on the day and register (or become and extra walker in the event). There is no opportunity for extra people to join like this, so we recommend if you want to take part you register online NOW, before the spaces become full.

Anyone without an event number (issued at the Nevis Centre, before you officially start) will not be deemed as taking part in the event.

4. When and where are any safety briefings ?

After you have registered, David will visit you, where geographically possible, in your office to go through a full team briefing and preparation tips for both walkers and support. Additionally there is a compulsory safety briefing on the day for all walkers. These are held prompt at the 'start line'.

8am start, safety brief at 7.45am
10am start, safety brief at 9.45am
12pm start, safety brief at 11.45am

5. Can our support team stay to watch the team start ?

Support teams are very welcome to watch their team leave the start line, though any vehicles must be parked sensibly. A one-way system will be in operation along the Glen Nevis forestry track.

Please do not park anywhere, unless prompted and as guided by our marshals. Once the official start has happened please move away from the restricted area as soon as possible. Space is limited and we will be preparing for the next start.

6. Which route does a walker take ?

All the walkers will follow the same clearly marked route and maps will be issued at registration. This is a detailed map of the West Highland Way, specifically designed for the Challenge. The map indicates clearly the gradients, water stops and main checkpoints for the route. You have to be very creative to get lost!

Please take care when crossing public roads.

FOR SAFETY and to try to guard against accidents all walkers must follow the track. We WILL disqualify anyone who chooses to take the road.

Event signage /and or lighting will take you to the banks of Loch Lomond where you will find the 'finish line', before being ferried across the loch to rejoin your support teams on the other bank for a fine welcoming feast, massage and much more.

7. Can a support vehicle meet walkers at the water-stops ?

FOR SAFETY, under NO circumstances are any support vehicles allowed to stop at any of the water stops.

You will have plenty of space and time to catch-up with your walkers at the official checkpoint, approx. every 10 miles.

8. Does a walker have to check-in and out of each checkpoint ?

FOR SAFETY it is imperative.

Do NOT leave any of the checkpoints without doing this first.

9. What time should the support teams start to expect walkers to arrive at each of the checkpoints ?

Checkpoint 1 will start arriving before:
(start: 08.00am) 12.00pm
(start: 10.00am) 2.00pm
(start: 12.00pm) 4.00pm

Checkpoint 2 will start arriving before:
(start: 08.00am) 3.30pm
(start: 10.00am) 5.30pm
(start: 12.00pm) 7.30pm

Checkpoint 3 will start arriving before:
(start: 08.00am) 7.00pm
(start: 10.00am) 9.00pm
(start: 12.00pm) 11.00pm

Checkpoint 4 will start arriving before:
(start: 08.00am)10.30pm
(start: 10.00am) 12.30am
(start: 12.00pm) 02.30am

Finish will start arriving before:
(start: 08.00am) 03.00am
(start: 10.00am) 05.00am
(start: 12.00pm) 07.00am

10. How does a support team find checkpoints ?

Each support team should be equipped with a good road map prior to this event and familiarise themselves with the route. You should follow the event signs and directions given in the Route information section. Drive with caution, due care and attention; watch your speed, and remembering to keep an eye on your fuel. There will be certain areas where walkers cross the roads in front of you so please BE AWARE and drive CAREFULLY.

Otherwise, at each checkpoint we do ask the support teams to kindly obey our marshal's instructions, especially with regard to parking.

11. When the support team find the checkpoint, what do they do ?

Firstly, unless you have the correct car pass for the time at which you arrive, you will have to go away and come back later. This is quite simply because the checkpoints could easily get over crowded and in case of emergency we need to keep a safe handle on crowd control. If you are allowed entrance, initially park where guided, start preparing for the arrival of your walkers, find out where everything is situated (i.e. check-in, check-out posts, loo or changing facilities), then depending on the time start getting their food, or dry clothes ready. Perhaps even send a support team member a little way back up the track to greet your walkers (all types of encouragement means a great deal, especially in the final stages).

REMEMBER Support Teams will be on the road for 13 - 30 hours depending on your team's speed so PLEASE make sure you take it in turns to sleep or drive, as tiredness can kill.

12. What is there in the way of food for the support teams ?

If the support teams don't fancy their own cooking and aren't eating with the walkers, then there are a number of places that support teams could PURCHASE light-snacks, or bar food.

The Start Line: Macrae snack bar is likely to be on hand serving bacon rolls, tea and coffee.

Checkpoint 1: The Macdonald Hotel will open for light snacks/bar food at 12.00pm to 9.00pm.

Checkpoint 2: The King's House Hotel, on the left before the Glen Coe Ski Centre is likely to be open serving hot and cold food. The Glen Coe Ski Centre will in fact be closed.

Checkpoint 3:
The Inveroran hotel will open for tea from 5.30pm, evening meals between 6.00pm and 10.00pm, snacks until 2.00am and has a license until 3.00am!

The Bridge of Orchy Hotel, after checkpoint three is likely to be open serving hot and cold food.

Checkpoint 4: Rena Baillie is likely to have her snack shop open serving sweets and light snacks.

King Boar catering will be serving a rolling buffet and there will be plenty of drink. A large buffet will be available for all walkers at the finish!

13. Who provides the walkers with 'Tender Loving Care' ?

Apart from the event staff, Navy, Scottish Scouts, St. Andrew's Ambulance; the army are kindly providing hot water, tea, coffee, soup and fruit at all the checkpoints. These facilities are for walkers only.

Otherwise your support team should supply all additional goodies, and they are responsible for taking care of your needs.


14. What sleeping arrangements do walkers or support teams need to make ?

Both walkers and support teams need to make their own arrangements for the night before the event (remember there will be a "Pasta Party" gathering the night before at the Nevis Centre, for like minded spirits). Fort William is busy during June and it is advisable to book B&B;'s early.

During the event, walkers shouldn't need to make any arrangements as they will be walking through the night. Having said this there will be available accommodation at Checkpoint 4 and various other hotels on the route, but this is up to you to book and at your expense.

Whether a walker or a Support team, EVERYONE is encouraged to bring sleeping bags, tents and an alarm clock!

Support Teams, other than catching some sleep in the car, could use one of the local hotels, but again this is up to you to book and pay for.


STB = Scottish Tourist Board

Start - Fort William
West End Hotel: 01397 704614
Highland Hotel: 01397 702291
Grand Hotel: 01397 702928
STB, Fort William: 01397 703781

Checkpoint One - Kinlochleven
Macdonald Hotel: 01855 831539
Mamore Lodge: 01855 831213
Tailrace Inn: 01855 831777
STB, Ballachulish: 01855 811296

Checkpoint Two - Glen Coe
King's House Hotel: 01855 851259

Checkpoint Three - Inveroran
Inveroran Hotel: 01838 400220
Bridge of Orchy Hotel: 01838 400208

Checkpoint Four - Auchtertyre Farm
Strathfillan Wigwams: 01838 400251
Crianlarich YH: 01838 300260
STB, Tyndrum: 01838 400246

Finish - Ardlui
Ardlui Hotel: 01301 704243
Inverbeg Inn: 01436 860678
STB, Tarbet (Loch Lomond): 01301 702260
STB, Balloch (Loch Lomond): 01389 753533

15. Can walkers and support get to the start by train ?

Yes, but NOTE all teams need a car for their support to get around. You could take a train to Fort William, a taxi to the registration at the Nevis Centre, before going up to the 'start line'.

Train Information Numbers:
National Enquiries: 08457 484950
GNER: 08457 225333
SCOTRAIL: 08457 550033
VIRGIN: 08457 222333

June timetable(s) are usually available 1st week in May.

16. Does your support team need a car ?

This is VITAL to your team success. Though, please we ask for only ONE per team (size is of no real matter! Some teams have in the past rented campervans, even a minibus or a horsebox - these are excellent in cases of bad weather).

Looking to RENT a car ? ARNOLD CLARK operate Scotland's largest rental fleet, and are offering State Street Caledonian Challenge participants an exclusive discount on their low cost rental rates. Choose from a wide range of modern vehicles, including small cars, family cars, people carriers, minibuses, estates & automatics. Complementary collection & delivery available from all main Scottish railway stations and airports. For further information of this exclusive offer, call central reservations on 0845 602 1895 quoting reference 661 0139

17. Can walkers or support teams bring their dogs ?

Yes, all dogs are welcome and we even have a trophy for the ‘Fastest Team with a Dog’.

18. What should you do in the case of an emergency ?

Most importantly DON'T PANIC. Report any incident, in person and in full detail to the head marshal of the closest checkpoint or in cases where you have to stay with the person, ask another walker to take the responsibility to do this for you. It is vital that the name and event number of the injured walker are given to the Head Marshal.

The public emergency services have asked that all rescue operations are co-ordinated by the event organisers in the first instance. So PLEASE try calling the satellite mobile phone numbers, which are provided in the useful contact numbers section of the info pack area, or even better use the army communications or landlines which are situated at each of the checkpoints. These are accessible via the head marshals.

If NO immediate contact can be made, then dial the regular emergency services ("999").

19. What can you do, if you want to help, but don't want to walk ?

1. Offer your services as a volunteer marshal
2. Offer to become a support team. You must have a driving licence
3. Donate in kind, some prizes
4. Make a cash donation instead

20. "Pasta Party" - Should walkers and support teams just turn up for this evening event?

NO, we would prefer to know how many for catering reasons, you'll be coming with. This Pasta Party will start at 7pm in the Nevis Centre, Fort William and finish at 11pm.

21. How much money do walkers need to fundraise?

This is a fundraising event and the more raised the better the event. Each person is expected to raise a minimum of   £500 per head (i.e.  £2,000 per team).

22. Can walkers bring their support team to the "Pasta Party"?

YES, but as per question 20, please advise the organisers of numbers. Though NOTE while the walkers through their registration have paid for this, any additional support team members above two, must pay £5 per person for food. Tickets will be issued at the registration on the Friday night.