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VERY IMPORTANT: For every �1 you donate The Scottish Community Foundation may reclaim a further 28p from the Taxman.

In order to take full advantage of the tax advantages of charitable giving, the Scottish Community Foundation has created a unique class of Foundation membership. The benefits include entry to the State Street Caledonian Challenge.

The membership rate is �100 per person for all companies and individuals .

Please take care to answer accurately when responding to the question �what type of registration membership are you applying for?�

If you choose the answer Personal UK Taxpayer payment, you will automatically confirm that you are a UK taxpayer and that you wish your payment to be made under the gift aid scheme.

If you will not be paying UK tax this year please choose "Personal Non Taxpayer" payment

Corporates should choose the answer 'Corporate'.

Your membership includes:

  • Being part of Scotland's premier fundraising event
  • Full logistical support throughout the Challenge including marshalled checkpoints and support team facilities
  • The Challenge Handbook - incorporating all the information you'll need for the event
  • A quarterly Scottish Community Foundation Newsletter
  • Entry into the members' page of the Scottish Community Foundation website
  • Recognition for your support in the annual Scottish Community Foundation Year Book

In registering, you are accepting the Caledonian Challenge and are confirming your team's undertaking to raise a minimum of �500 per person for the Scottish Community Foundation. You are declaring that you are medically fit, will abide by the rules and regulations of the event and understand that you are entering entirely at your own risk to yourself and your belongings.

Please note that on your credit card statement, the debit entry will appear as 'The Scottish Community Foundation'.

Please select you're team size below, and then complete the rest of the form.

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