To whom it may concern,

We are delighted that your company is to enter a team for the State Street Caledonian Challenge. This is tremendous news and will have many benefits for your organisation as well as allowing us to help a great number of small causes throughout rural Scotland.

The benefits to your company are:

1. A terrific bonding of individuals within the organisation.
2. Fit people are more likely to be content and work harder.
3. Hundreds of other companies who have entered teams will acknowledge your support and involvement.
4. With extensive press coverage your involvement will receive wider recognition.

We ask all companies to match their own individuals fundraising efforts pound for pound. I do not know if this is part of your company's policy but your support would make it much easier for the individuals to reach their goals. We have asked each team to raise £2,000 as a minimum.

The Scottish Community Foundation is an organisation dedicated to supporting through grant assistance, local charities and community groups the length and breadth of Scotland, providing a unique vehicle by which individuals and companies may contribute to the permanent benefit of the community.

We hope that you might be able to support your team.

Yours sincerely



Alastair Dempster, Chairman