Prize definition = FULL team of four walkers (or more) completing the 54 miles. The time of the last member of the team to cross the line counts as a team time.  
Prize winners:  
Best Fund Raiser's Team (to be confirmed)
(Sponsored by Blue Curve)  
Fastest Team Time Walkers Max
(Sponsored by Reuters) Finished 8:50pm (Sat) - Time of 12 hrs 50 min
Fastest Veteran Team HQ 51 Highland Brigade
(Sponsored by Merrill Lynch) Finished 5:20am (Sun) - Time 17 hrs 20 min
Fastest Financial Services Team Bell Lawrie White
(Sponsored by WM Company) Finished 11:50pm (Sat) - Time 15 hrs 50 min
Fastest Legal Services Team Tods Murray II
(Sponsored by Murray Beith Murray) Finished 12:18am (Sun) - Time 16 hrs 18 min
Fastest All Women's Team The Beach House Babes
(Sponsored by Financial News) Finished 10:24am (Sun) - Time 23 hrs 54 min
Fastest Mixed Team Compaq Computer Manufacturing 'A'
(Sponsored by Bell Lawrie White) Finished 11:27pm (Sat) - Time 15 hrs 27 min
Fastest Open Team Compaq - Go Direct
  Finished 11:10pm (Sat) - Time 15 hrs 10 min
Fastest Armed Services Team 3 Regiment Army Air Corp
(Sponsored by Stocktrade) Finished 2:36am (Sun) - Time 14 hrs 36 min
Fastest Team With a Dog 54 Mile Sigh Club
(Sponsored by Scottish Community Foundation) Finished 6:08am (Sun) - Time 18 hrs 08 min
Best Dressed Team Dempster's Team
  Finished 6:14am (Sun) - Time 22 hrs 14 min
Fastest Individual Peter Orr (Tods Murray II)
(Sponsored by Hamilton & Inches Ltd) Finished 6:29pm (Sat) - Time 10 hrs 29 min
Best Non-Participating Fund Raiser (to be confirmed)
The Last But Not Least Team The Not So Fab Four
(Sponsored by Boisdale Restaurant) Finished 1:30pm (Sun) - Time 29 hrs 30 min

Last Updated on 19/07/00
By Scottish Community Foundation